05 Sep, 2012

Premiere: Nederlands Film Festival, september 29th, 2012.
Directors: Joren Molter (Veendam), Rene Houwen (New York), Thijs Gloger (Berlin)
Producer: Rene Houwen
D.O.P.: Thijs Gloger

Summer, fall, winter. Veendam (the Netherlands), New York, Berlin. All across the world, people are changing places in search of a better, happier, freer, wealthier and sexier life. Foreigners follows three individuals in search of a new home and a new identity. Globalisation, however, is playing tricks on them. In a worldwide community, who is the Other? Neocolonism, alas, is not what it used to be either. Nor are prejudices and national pride. Let’s just hope that Jesse, Amy and Victoria will come up with something fancier.

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