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Schaftkip Films is an independent Dutch film production company. Founder Thijs Gloger finished his first feature length film Zwaartekracht (Gravity, 2008) at the age of twenty-one. Since 2009, Schaftkip Films is being run by Thijs Gloger and Rene Houwen. Holland (2009) marks their first collaboration. Other feature films they made together include Prooidieren (Prey, 2010), Bebop (2010) and Heroin (2013). They are currently working on several new features, among which Reporter and Peepshow.

Young filmmaker Joren Molter is collaborating with Schaftkip Films for the first time on Foreigners/Buitenlanders/Ausländer (2011). The other two parts of this triptych are directed by Thijs Gloger and Rene Houwen.

The 2012 feature film Die Welt, written and directed by Alex Pitstra, was produced by Schaftkip Films, with Rene Houwen producing and Thijs Gloger serving as co-writer and director of photography.

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