Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest

06 Mar, 2014

Heroin has been selected in the New Europe Competition at the Febiofest Filmfestival Prague.



09 Dec, 2013

Directed by Thijs Gloger
Written by Thijs Gloger & Marten Westerveen
Produced by Rene Houwen, Erick Bakker & Thijs Gloger
Starring Albert Secuur, Merlijn Mekkring, Nanette Edens, Jurgen Veenstra & Dirk van der Pol

Frits, around fifty years of age, is a photojournalist. At least that’s what he considers himself to be. Frits has a fascination for ambulances, fire trucks and police cars. He listens in on radio frequencies used by the fire and ambulance departments to trace scenes of crime, fires and car accidents. He’s always ready to jump in his car and race his heroes to the next dangerous situation, where he photographs them and their equipment. Frits isn’t interested in the victims or the news values; he’s solely there to watch his uniformed heroes and their shiny trucks.

Frits’s neighbour kid Johan is the only person with whom he can share his fascination. Frits takes Johan on tow, and the kid happily joins his neighbour. It’s a lot more fun than sitting at home with his father Nico, who sleeps during the day and works long nights as a security guard. Frits and Johan undertake a lot together. They play soccer, improvisingly disguise themselves as firemen with gas masks and a garden hose and study the technical specifications of fire trucks. Their friendship seems solid.

But it’s the 21st century and an eccentric man like Frits, who’s never used a computer and shies away from anything electronic, is bound to run behind on the evermore digital world. When nine- year old Johan gets a smartphone for his birthday, he quickly starts to lose interest in Frits’s long lectures about fire trucks. Johan immerses himself in playing games and surfing the internet. Frits will have to do something exceptional to seal their friendship. He will have to become a hero himself, and show the world what he’s truly made of.

Die Welt festivals november/december 2013

09 Dec, 2013

Die Welt has been selected for:

Festival des Cinémas d’Afrique du Pays d’Apt – France
Panorama of the European Film – Cairo
Arab Camera Festival – Rotterdam/Utrecht


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