Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

26 Feb, 2009

We are pleased to announce that Holland is selected at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival at the end of march. The film will be part of the competitive section Cinema of the Future.


Premiere Holland

04 Feb, 2009

Sunday 22nd of februari, 16.30 pm, premiere + afterparty Holland in filmtheater Images, Groningen, the Netherlands


04 Feb, 2009

Director, D.O.P. & editor: Thijs Gloger
Producer: Rene Houwen
Starring: Bregtje Wolters, Harry Kuypers, Ines Kostic, Nynke Nijp

Olga is 25 years old. She lives in a delapidated apartment, in an anonymous city in Holland. By day she works in her dad’s luxurious clothes boutique, by night she mostly passes her time in the clubhouse of her soccer team. Apart from smoking cigarettes and drinking beer there’s not much to do, but it’s a better option than being at home alone. In a bid to escape the loneliness, Olga regularly takes one of her teammates to her apartment. The routine is predictable. After she’s had sex and a cigarette, Olga goes out to get some french fries. And at night, even the small diner proves to be a good place to pick up people for a one night stand. Having sex, smoking and eating seem to be the only things that make sense in life. Olga’s father and his new girlfriend are pursuing some form of happiness in their enormous mansion, but seem to have blocked out most of their emotions. The work that Olga does in her fathers store doesn’t bring her any joy. Whether she’s staying at home or at her dad’s mansion, Olga’s nights are sleepless. And the days keep passing. Everyone seems to find comfort in their daily lives. Without really giving resistance to the blandness of her existance, Olga keeps observing her fellow earthlings, wondering where all this eating, fucking and smoking will end. And it will end, though not in a way anyone could expect.



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