05 Sep, 2012

Premiere: Nederlands Film Festival, september 29th, 2012.
Directors: Joren Molter (Veendam), Rene Houwen (New York), Thijs Gloger (Berlin)
Producer: Rene Houwen
D.O.P.: Thijs Gloger

Summer, fall, winter. Veendam (the Netherlands), New York, Berlin. All across the world, people are changing places in search of a better, happier, freer, wealthier and sexier life. Foreigners follows three individuals in search of a new home and a new identity. Globalisation, however, is playing tricks on them. In a worldwide community, who is the Other? Neocolonism, alas, is not what it used to be either. Nor are prejudices and national pride. Let’s just hope that Jesse, Amy and Victoria will come up with something fancier.

Moscow International Film Festival

04 Jun, 2012

Bebop is selected at the Moscow International Filmfestival, june 21-30, 2012.


Peepshow – in pre-production

06 Sep, 2011

Director, writer, editor: Thijs Gloger
Producer: Rene Houwen
Executive producer: Petra Weggemans
Starring: Albert Secuur & Dunja Jocić

Peepshow, a film about wanting to watch and wanting to be watched.

Part 1 (teaser)
Bus driver Pattje has a lot of colleagues, but no friends nor any special girlfriend: he gets along fine watching internet porn in his one man apartment. Driving the bus on same dull countryside track for twenty-five years has made him some nice savings. One night, quietly surfing away on the world wide web, Pattje addresses Eastern European student Yelena, who does a little moonlighting as a webcam stripper. He offers her a considerable sum of money to come over to the Netherlands and move in with him for half a year. Although it’s clear that he doesn’t need her to do the dishes and dust the skirting, he will not get any more specific about his intentions. Yet, to his surprise, the bright young lady agrees to his unusual proposal. Money is not the first of her concerns. She simply likes to be watched.

Part 2 (teaser)
Nobody can get to pornstar Katya. She’s hardly ever any friendlier than expected, and transforms from playbunny into wheeler dealer as soon as she leaves the set. You’ve got to pay to watch and Sex Sells, and so the iron lady travels all across the continent to do costumer acquisition and build up her own future business imperium. Katya is her all fans’s wet dream, but what on earth does Katya dream of?

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